About Kathy

Clients include:

  • County Offices of Education 

  • School Districts 

  • Private Businesses/Programs

  • State funded and privately funded programs
  • Head Start 
  • Educational Technology design firms
  • Public Libraries

Kathy is an "eduvative thinker" with 20 years of experience in a variety of businesses paired with 25 years in education.  While she is passionate about the development of life-long learners and eduvative thinkers in the field of education, she has recently become a sought-after facilitator for businesses interested in developing leadership capacity, and promoting the development of human potential and team-work across departments and divisions.

Technology & Education

Use Project/Passion-based learning (PBL) from PreK through High School. It supports rigor and relavance, and creates life-long thinkers and problem-solvers.

Kathy Lincoln, MA Administrative Leadership

Santa Clara University.

Associations and Memberships:

  • Every Child California (formerly CCDAA), State Board Member

  • Santa Clara County Local Planning Council, Co-Chair

  • Santa Clara County Title 5 Providers Group, Co-Chair
  • Strong Start Coalition member
  • Santa Clara County Early Learning Master Plan contributor
  • Joint Child Care Council, City of San Jose
  • PEO - A Philanthropic Educational Organization 


  • Speaker/facilitator who uses humor and story telling to inspire  

  • Consultant for general business practices;

    • Leadership development, succession planning

    • Communication strategies assessment and development

    • Staff development, progressive discipline, and change processes

    • Support for updating business processes and procedures

    • Cross-departmental/division coordination and collaboration

    • Mission, vision, values development/update

  • Development of authentic learning environments supporting;

    • PBL, STEM, and technology integration

    • Curriculum development and use of authentic assessment 

    • Use of assessment to make lesson/student learning decisions

  • Consultant/advisor for Educational Technology products

  • Family and community education and engagement 

  • Certified Learning Genie trainer