Integration of technology support for agencies wishing to integrate technology into blended learning environments, or for educational technology companies wishing to enter the education environment.

Articulation and alignment of curriculum across grade levels and content standards.

Use of Developmentally Appropriate Practices  also known as Executive Function and Constructivist Theory, to increase collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.

Managing growth and change using self-reflection, collaboration, and the conversion of student, classroom and agency data into information to help agencies develop SMARTER goals, and plan professional development.

Strengthen existing leadership and developing leadership capacity for the future.


Advisory support

Change your Attitude, Change their Mindset  Understand the power a leader's attitude has on people and programs.

I Dare You  Learn to manage aggressive people using assertive practices.

Leading through Change Using reflective practice and collaboration to engage staff in the change process.

Coping and Thriving in the Midst of Chaos  Developing strategies that reduce stress and help leaders thrive

Progressive Discipline Understand its use to support staff growth and development

Leadership Development: 4-part series using self-reflection and engaging  with basic leadership skills


A Gardener's Perspective on Learning Environments  Set up a classroom that supports the use of constructivist theory and higher order thinking skills.

Transform Learning Learn how to use appropriate observation and assessments to intentionally plan student learning activities.


Stop and Think Understand how our own fight/flight response affects our reactions to student behaviors. Learn how to act rather than react to student behavior.

If you don't see what you need, contact me to customize a plan that meets the needs of your agency or program.